The winter war zone

This day must of been the worst day to even paint ,I think it was the coldest day of winter we had to keep breaking here and there but i must say after a while my hands were warm like i put boiling hot water on them hahaha... cant go wrong with the winter time!! Shout out to HOTEL for catching these shots.

Brick city shining

Photos by: The Buried Colors
 In the photos is TORO an up and coming Rap artist from Newark, Nj check out some of his music at also follow him on twitter @Mista_sherman

Snow Day

What a nice day this was spending about 3 hours in the snow with no type of snow gear on it was pretty brutal on the hands and feet ,body was warm, fingers tips were frozen, I ran out of oh man... What more can i say ohhh yeah my car alarm remote battery died so then the snow decided to come down harder and we were just screwed for a little while.....But we did get lucky and found a old battery in the car...hahahaha